Sunday, August 03, 2008

He works cheap!

Alright, I just back this tire into the garage.
Let's see, roll it over here so we can change it out. Man's work ya know!
Dad, this one looks like it should go on the right rear, I'm on it.
These tires roll like penguins gliding on ice.
Let me just get this one over here, then we can get started on the real work.
Ok, the air pressure looks good.
I have to press this part to adhere it to the the other part.
I got to get this tire off. Work to do! Work to do!
Just a little turn to the right & the car is done.
That's how an almost 2 year old spends his Sunday.


Susie Harris

Thanks for dropping by !!! What a cutie pie you have there! Susie H~


OMG, these pics are just darling. You know Meghan, you sure do have a cutie pie there.



Great pictures! He is just too cute!


I can't even get my 7 year olds to put their dishes in the sink and you can get the 2 year old to change tires. You are like Super Mommie!!

Miss Mommy

Great Pics Meg...Looks like he had a blast yesterday helping Dad out!!


What a handy little guy you have there!

Thank you for stopping by my blog and commenting! Please drop by again soon!


Hi Meghan! Great blog! What a little doll!!

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