Thursday, October 30, 2008

Go Phillies! Go Phillies!

Oh yea!

We did it!

World Series baby!!!!!

We are the champions..............................GO

So happy to see them win.
Bobster & I watched last night & my stomach did a flip when the Rays tied it up.
Thankfully Lidge got the out & the Phillies went on to win.
Yay baby! You could hear the shouts & fireworks outside my living room window of all the fans.

Which brings me to my rant today.
The fans.

Immediately after the win,
Broad St in Philly started to fill with people who wanted to celebrate the fantabulous news.
And celebrate they did.
They knocked over traffic lights (because they climbed them!).
They pushed over cement planters (because the fans know they look better in the street).
They knocked out the glass in bus stop shelters (who cares if the passengers waiting get rained on...Phillies won right?)
They looted (as all fans know is the way to celebrate!)
And finally they attempted to turn over a bus full of Philadelphia police officers who were coming in for crowd control (way to get excited).

So my question this morning is WTF is wrong with you people?????
Do you want to know how I celebrated??
I stayed up an extra 15 mins to watch the highlights.
Then this morning I turned on the news to watch the highlights again.
If I had been out, I would have hooped & hollered with the best of them but then I would have gotten in my car & went home.
Not typical Philly fans.
They decided to destroy city property & steal & attempt to hurt people.
Way to go!
Way to improve the image of Philadelphia sport fans.

Do they not have respect for other people's property? Do their morals go out the window & they decide to shoplift but 1st lets break the glass of the store?
Give me a break.
Act normal.
Dance in the streets!!
Don't bother lighting fires to keep warm, catch the el, the speedline or the bus & basked in the heat there.
Use your head people.

Everyone was excited that the Phillies won.
Hello...1st time in 25 years. That's my sister's lifetime.
So why ruin it for other people???
I was actually pretty disgusted when I saw what some people did.
You can bet you tushie that if some random person broke one of their house windows or turned over their car in the driveway, these people would be pissed!!!

So I hope that the world understands that these people are just a small majority of idiots & do not represent the entire legion of fans.
If you are one of the "riot" should be ashamed of yourself.
Grow up!
If you are a normal fan, who may have gotten a little tipsy with glee, but returned home without being destructive then I say "Good for you!"

Tell me, are you the type of fan who destroys or who celebrates with a safe, respectful heart?
Let me know.

Woops out!





I agree with you! I think is a bunch of bull to destroy and steal. My god. What is these people teaching their kids, grandkids, nieces, nephews and ect. Yeah go out, steal and destroy things, then say oh I did it because I was happy and celebrating....

Noah's Mommy

I understand completely....So glad the Phillies won...but it really does dampen the mood when people act like idiots....

John and Lisa Howard-Fusco

Well, Philly is unfortunately not unusual in this area. Many times a championship celebration has let small groups of people use that an excuse to be destructive. It's sad that it has to happen, but I believe most people know how to celebrate wihtout getting violent. - John

Miss Mommy

Go Phillies!!!! Hubby and are Fans....quiet to oursleves fansthat is!!! A few of our neighbors ran out in street screeming "Go Phillies" after they won...I suppose the tipsy ones?? We just laughed at them!!


Go Phillies! So glad the Rays didn't win LOL, I am a RSox fan. And I celebrate with a safe, respectful heart. Love your blog!

Miss Mommy

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