Monday, October 06, 2008

Monday, Monday

Did I ever show all 3, wait sorry, all 7 (see over there <~~~~~)my window treatments that I did in my microcell size kitchen?
Well feast your eyes on this:
Collectively now: OOOH! AAAH!
Impressed aren't you?
How did I do it you ask?
It's a napkin!
What? Can't be!? you say.
'Tis true.

I simple followed the advice of the Nester & created a mistreatment.
I found 3 packages of these cute napkins on clearance for $2. (I want my $2!....Ok who can name the movie that line is from???)
Anyway I simple folded them in half & pinned them above my kitchen window.
That's the only window I have in there, thankfully I have a door right next to it with a window on it. I also used the napkins on the door.
That's it.
Pretty nifty, no?
It works for me & looks way better than having the window with nothing above it. Trust me, I had it like that for 2 years.

So what have you done to dress up your windows?
Share please.

Woops out!



Looking around at my nakie one told me they were supposed to be dressed :( Nice job on yours.


I only use conventional curtains or blinds, nothing creative at this point though I may be making some for my son's room. And the movie reference is "Better Off Dead", my DH's favorite movie.

The Nester

Good for you!!!


Very cool idea Meghan, you are awesome! It looks great! I just have green valances on my windows right now, but one of these days I want to get something else.


Okay, I just read your comment on my blog, and I cracked up--sitting by myself! That was hilarious! I had fun catching up on all your posts! That's SOME block party! GEES!


I saw the napkin idea on HGTV once and I think it is fabulous!

Thanks for stopping by my blog today.


Messy Jessy MN

Good job "Mistreating" that window!


Okay, I can't decide what I am more impressed with, how great it looks, or how cheap it was! Thanks for the link, I will have to check that out. And thanks for leaving a comment today when you stopped by my blog!

Miss Mommy

I actually did the same thing in my bedroom at my old house!! I got the idea from one of those design shows on Home & Garden network. They worked great for about 2 years until we moved.


These look great!! I love the idea of a "mis"treatment. So cute!


I love the idea of using napkins~very creative! Thanks for stopping by and good luck in the giveaway~


Cute window treatment or mistreatment.

I have used sheets once for some curtains. rofl Boomer loved and would not let me take them down. They was actually for a doorway that did not have a door and he took them. lol

Practically Spent

I had a house, once upon a time, with a kitchen so small that the stove wasn't even full size. I put a tension rod over the windows at the top of sash, used kitchen towels that had the days of the week embroidered on them and clipped them with big, blue, plastic clothes pins to keep them attached. They were my favorite part of that sad, sad kitchen.