Wednesday, October 08, 2008

It's beginning to look a lot like.....

Is that a Xmas pic in the middle of all the fall decorating going on in the blog atmosphere?
Oh believe your sweet bippy it is.
Why you ask?

Because, I, officially started my Xmas shopping Saturday night.
By accident really.
I was perusing the racks at my local Target, where I was by myself........BY MYSELF!!!!! The joy in that statement is undeniable.
Anyway I was perusing looking for clearanced t'shirts for Bobster (b/c he gets filty at work!!) when I stumbled across a really cool t'shirt for the middle one.
Men's size medium so it will be baggy, just the way he likes it.
Purple with skulls on it.
He actually asked for clothes this year.
So for less than $7, he is getting a t-shirt.
No, that's not all he is getting but my point is, I started!!!! I started Xmas shopping.

Let the games begin.
Did you start your shopping?

Woops out!



Great deal!

I start shopping/planning in July. It make the holiday so much less stressful!

That reminds me....I need to buy another gift this month!


Wow I wish I could say I am good and start early but I don't I totally wait to the last minute!


I'm the worst Christmasser ever. I don't really even shop for it. My Dh and I don't buy for each other. Same for my friends and siblings. We all seem to have a standing agreement. I'll get my parents personalized things online-usually at Snapfish and my kids have more than they need. Last year my 3 year old told me he has too many toys and he didn't want anything. We thought he was joking but he really didn't! We took him to the store to pick anything he wanted and nothing interested him!!!


Are you kidding! I am the one perusing the stores on Christmas Eve Eve! Usually I run around like a crazy person those last couple weeks and every year I say never again. Only the next year it happens!

Good for you though! I am sure he will love it!

Michelle@Everyday Celebrating

YES!!!! I began shopping back in the spring. Can you freaking believe it????? I love stumbling across the perfect gift at a ridiculously great price. And then putting it back! December shows up and I'm in better shape than i thought. Fabulous!!!!!


Ok I have not started shopping for anything!! I just got my fall decor up!!

Thanks for commenting on my blog!


I too have started some Christmas shopping. It is right around the corner.

Ms. Tee

It's a good time to get started on shopping, before the crowds. :)
Thanks so much for stopping by and for your kind comment!

Domestic Goddess..Diva sometimes

No, that yet but since I have all the Halloween stuff, I can always start on Xmas shopping now. ;)

Shadows of the goddess designs

I havent been shopping exactly but I have been crafting some handmade stuff for presents and putting away . I am enjoying reading your blog this morning.