Tuesday, October 07, 2008

It's time to play "How did you find my blog"

Our host: Cheekers, will paint us a picture of how one found my blog.
Let's check out the keywords/phrases that prospective readers used to make it to this fabu blogeroo!

"kick the fellow" ~ Why? What did he do to you?

"both legs amputated" ~ OK! I can see the fellow pissed you off!

"should wear my glasses" ~ Do I really need to see the fellow get kicked & then have his legs amputated?

"can't bear to" ~ this should really be my answer to kick the fellow & amputate!

"get used to them bars" ~ you're gonna have to with what you have planned!

"turkey tettrazine" ~ Yep, I hear this is the top requested meal............IN PRISON!

So what keywords have readers finding your blog?

Woops out!



Those are funny!!!

Hooked on Houses

How funny! I should start writing down some of the wackier phrases that people Google to get to my blog because sometimes I can't figure out why they were sent my way at all. -Julia

Pikes Pickles

I found you because you found me....
And I am glad you did - I love your blog!

My keywords are; First Grade Templates, Hairy man, Pickle Week,

Pikes Pickles

I just thought of the funniest thing...NOW when people google those phrases - they will find YOUR blog. HAHAHA


Hi Meghan!

A silly question...how do you find the key words that someone Googled to find your blog? This is still new to me and I have no clue.


Those are seriously funny!

Thanks for stopping by my blog today :o)


You crack me up. I can't remember who found who first, I'm just glad we found each other! I just looked at my search terms, BORING!
-nintendo ds games sesame street
-obama mccain estate tax comparison chart
-fantasy football live auction draft home


That is way too funny! I have no idea how you would go about doing this. lol