Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Scarey vs. Sweet & Oh, That's Just Wrong

It has come.
That time of year.
That time where the season of scarey vs. sweet decor comes out to play.

I am talking about mixing themes in your Halloween decorating.
You know, cute & scarey.

Some people prefer one or the other but we have those special people who like to mix it together.
This is a no no.
Unless done tastefully but that takes a good eye.

For example, check out this witch.

Cute, no?
Yes, yes....very cute.
Calm & cute for the kiddies.

Now check out this witch (and please, no comments about the resemblence to me in the morning!)

Very scarey!!!
I mean it's painfully obvious she suffers from hyperthyroidism, look at her eyes! & she is nauseaus but still, she's a scarey bitch.

Now these two gals should not be put together when decorating for the holiday.
They just don't go.
Or flow.
No sense of rhyme or reason.
I mean, stick with one type of decor.
You don't want the mailman walking up to your door enjoying the frolicking ghost when
Out of no where he sees a severed head with a blade in it.
Not pretty!
Matter of fact, I think the mailman has to go change his shorts now.
Let's hope he doesn't use your mail to clean up.

So heed my warning & stick with one theme.

Now onto the other timely tradition of this time of year.
Blow up lawn ornaments.
Can be overkill?

I mean overkill when someone has more than say, one or two.
They have it on the lawn that is the size of a postage stamp.
Not asthetically pleasing.
Worse, I pass a house that has no lawn so they just plop 2 of these bad boys on the porch.
Ouch! Again, not pretty people, not pretty.
See below.
These are examples of blow up lawn ornaments run amuk.
Perhaps one would be ok but more than one on such small lawns, hmm...not so much.

So please, keep my little tidbits in the back of your head when decorating for this time of year.
It will do America/Canada & any other country that celebrates Halloween some good.

Thank you!
Woops has left the building!



Wow....way to steal my blog from like a year ago lol

Miss Mommy

As I write this I am staring out the windows at my neighbors lawn....Let's see they have 7 so far....2 just blew up there today...so hopefully no more show up!! LOL LOL


Okay, and I'll tell you what else. You know, the scary decorating is funny to us grown ups (except me, I scare easy lol) but if I pass a house with anything like that witch, my kid freaks out and runs for it. If people really want to decorate, I wish they'd think of the 3 and 4 year olds (and 31 year old moms)they could traumatize for life

Shadows of the goddess designs

I Love to decorate for halloween. I keep it to lights and a hallowen tree and pumpkins. Nothing scary for outside. I do collect witches though . My dance room is full of them. I dress up alot as a gypsy and hand out candy.


sooo true! I like scary Halloween myself.

I have tagged you on my blog. check it out here - http://mylittlelifeajw.blogspot.com/2008/10/i-have-been-tagged.html


I also don't like when people mix say the nativity and Santa on a harley. Pick a theme people.