Friday, September 03, 2010

Friday Night Stream of Conciousness

Little disappointed with the upcoming cast of DWTS.
First off, I adore the Situation...but on the Jersey Shore.
Not sure if I really consider him to be a celeb let alone a half decent dancer.

Then we have Bristol Palin.
She's considered a celeb.
Let her be what she is.
A mom.
A mom whose mom is famous.
If she wants to be left alone dancing across America is not the way to achieve that goal.

Then we have Michael Bolten.
Again, really?
Perhaps he'll grow the mullet back.
Now that would be worth watching him strut across the dance floor.

As for the Hoff will he be booging to "Cheeseburger in Paradise"?
Just sayin.

I will watch.
I will pick a fav.
Hopefully next season they find some real celebs because I don't think these are even D listed.


So whose ready for Autumn?

Cheeks informed that now that he is 4 and he's a man (his words!) he wants to be Iron Man for Halloween.
Gone are my days of dressing him like a pumpkin or a lion or even a cute race car driver.
I was hoping to keep him as a baby at least for one more year.
That went out the window.

Cruised by Christmas Tree Shoppe tonight for a little Autumn/Halloween decor inspiration.
I was disapointed.
They had some cute stuff
Nothing eye catching enough.

They even had some Christmas stuff out.
Let's be real here, I liked it.
I love holiday decor.
Ask the Nana.
She endured many a year of me decorating the house for holidays b/c she's not that into it.
I held on to my little sister's paper plate pilgrims that she made in Kindergarten til I moved out of the house in 2002.
Oh yes.
Yes I did.

Do you decorate for Thanksgiving?
I collect turkeys.
Weird? Perhaps.
I just can't break out the Christmas decor til Black Friday.
Then it's game on!
Of course, that's after I hit up the Black Friday sales.
Nothing like a bargain at 3am with bedhead, puffy eyes & wearing pj's.
I just described the female cast of the Jersey Shore.

I like that show.
It's a guilty pleasure.
I dig Snook's bump.
I did it the other night.
I bumped.
It made me 6"1 in my stocking feet.
And my it was attractive.
Red hair, grey & brown roots with a big ole honkin poof held in place by a red clip that has seen better days.
Thank God Bobster wasn't home.
He would have thrown me to the floor & had his way with me.

So tell me what's going on in your neck of the woods.



I love HOLIDAY decorating. Congrats on the bump... I have yet to successfully achieve one. DWS- The situation- do to commitments with Jersey shore only get 1/3 of the practice time before the first episode, so I am interested to see the first episode