Thursday, September 16, 2010

Mother of the Year ~ Fail

Finally a photo of all 3 children that is recent.
Taken w/ my cell phone.
Yes. I know. It sucks.
Sadly, I have no camera.
I am still cameraless.
Feel as if I lost my right arm.

Could be worse.
I could have left the house without my pants on.
Strange segway you say?
The other morning as I ran around like a nut trying to get myself & Cheeks out of the house, I forgot something.
Not on my.
On him.
I put his socks & shoes on, handed him his lunchbox & out the door we went.
He walked to the minivan
That's when I said
"Cheeks, where's your pants?"
There was my son.
Just in green boxer briefs.
You would think he would have reminded me that he was missing his shorts.
His fault really as he gets dresssed himself.
So back in the house we went & got properly dressed.

Have you ever done that?
Over the winter I tried to get him outta of the house w/o shoes.
Mother of the Year = FAIL.

Do me a favor, tell me your Mother of the Year moment.


MS Mom

Sorry I don't have any pantless stories. I know I've got a file drawer FULL of "Fail" moments but I'm so busy laughing at yours I can't remember any! Hahaha....These are the moments that make it all funny, a little "reality-check" in the parenting monotony.
You do deserve a Mother Of The YEar Award, as you DID realize he was pants-less before you actually left the house. Bravo!!!