Saturday, September 18, 2010

Hate to tell you this but

There are less than 100 days til Christmas.
Tis true.

About 2 years ago I found the coolest site, 100 days til Christmas.Jennifer offers you challenges, tips, fun topics to help you get ready for the Christmas season.
It will be here before you know.

Right now 100 Days til Christmas is offering a chance to win a membership to
This site is going to help you with calendars, wish lists, card list.  Every thing imaginable to help you organize your holidays & beyond.

Sooooo, check out 100 Days til Christmas & enter to win a membership to

Um, Merry Christmas!!!


Jennifer Tankersley

So glad to have our returning countdown-ers! Let me know if there is a feature that you think should be added to 100 Days to Christmas or its community. Thanks for joining us!


Bizee Mama

Love it! I need help! My thoughts were to be done with Christmas by Dec. 1st! I have never made that goal before... but, with 6 children it is enough to put me over the top... and that is NOT what Christmas is suppose to be about! SO, I'm gonna check it out and enter!
aka Bizee Mama
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Tara O

UHHH...gee...thanks for that reminder