Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Mother of the Year Strikes Again

The other night I run Cheeks bath.

He decided he needs to go to the bathroom.
Well before I had a chance to stop him curiousity got the best of him & he held his hand out in front of little jim & the twins & proceeded to pee on his hand.
I was like "What are you doing? Don't do that. Ew"

I told him not to touch anything he could wash it off when he got in the tub.
So I picked him up, swung him over my legs, into the tub.

He just stood there.
Looking at me.

I kept telling him to sit.

He just stood there.

All of a sudden he looks at me & goes:


Yes, I put him in the bathtub with his socks on.

I don't know what I am thinking lately.
Maybe I'm just tired.

What have you done lately?


Lisa P@www.isitmondayalready.com

Hahahah good one! Must be a boy thing. Every time we go out side my son pulls his pants down to pee in the grass. Thanks Daddy!