Thursday, March 24, 2011


Do you have dreams?
Did you achieve your dreams?
Are you living your dream?

From when I was a little girl, back in the dark ages, I wanted to be a teacher.
I went to community college for a bit, then left to work full time.
I took a class here & there.
Finally to return, full time, to Rutgers University in 2003.

I graduated with a BA in English with an Elementary Ed. Cert for K-5.
Oh that's right.
This lovely state that I live in has given me a license to influence young minds.

Have no fear.
I don't.
Teach that is.
I influence my children everyday.

While teaching was a dream, a lot happened immediately after I graduated.
Some of you remember, some of you don't know at all.
If you are interested, ask me & I will tell.  Drop me a comment.

Perhaps my life is planned in other ways.
I am a mommy, which was always a dream & I achieved it one year & 2 months after I graduated college.  10 days shy of the year anniversary of when I met Bobster.

That's it, do the math.

I am living my dream...minus the maid & chauffer. 
I get to be a mom.

As for being a teacher.
I teach.
I teach my kids in my actions, words and ways I conduct myself.

Yes, dreams do come true just not always in the conventional way.

How about you?


**** April ****

I like this... I often wonder how many stay at home moms are still paying on their college loans. One day I hope to finish my law degree... but the boys come first and im very okay with that!