Sunday, March 20, 2011

How can this child holding the baby?
Be this boy, up there, at his junior prom.
Can't be right?
Tell me, it can't be.

When I met Bobster, he was 11 turning 12 shortly there after.
Now he is 17, going to the prom & a driving exam scheduled for next month.

How is that possible?
Where did the cute little boy go?

That's right, he grew into the charming, good looking 17 year old above.

I'll be honest.
I don't like it.
I prefer he stay little.

And his brothers.
They need to stay little as well.

I will have it no other way.
As mother I demand it.

Tell me, who else feels as if time goes super fast when children are involve?



how do you think i feel when i see MY baby complaining her little boy went to the prom???? you think it's bad now?? wait til one of them gets married...