Thursday, March 03, 2011

Let me ask you this...

Does your house look cleaner in the dim light or better yet, the dark?

When it's just the glow from the tv my house look immaculate.
Seriously, looks like I slaved for hours.

Then the morning light hits.
Like today.
I was home a bit later than usual, looked over at the cable box/dvd player & noticed it looked a little grey.
I can admit it.

The darn maid disappeared when I told her we couldn't afford to send her to the Caribbean this year.

I, of course, have been left with the cleaning.

I saw the dust  & Im gonna keep it real here.
Know what I did?
I got a paper towel & wiped it off.
Just to give that fresh "for show" look.

Is that terrible?
I have my reasons.

One: I live with boys.  Naturally sloppy.
Two: I haven't been feeling myself/well in a few weeks.
Three: I was leaving for an appt.
Four: I still didn't feel like doing the right way.

Did I just out myself as being an irresponsible duster?
I like things neat & orderly.
Let's be honest...the neater it looks, the cleaner it looks.

Where my girls at?
Whose with me?

Plus if I just keep the lights off & the shades drawn I live in a pristene home.

How 'bout you?