Monday, March 14, 2011

It's back!

That's right everyone, Sister Wives premiered last night on TLC.

Can I say...Love this show! 

They really are one big happy family.

Again, I will give my disclaimer....I am LDS, no my family doesn't practice polygamy...we are Mainstream Mormons...Cody & the girls are Fundamentalist Mormon...although Janelle was raised Mainstream.

With that being said, I think this show shows the family & their dynamic in a positive way.  Really, there's not a lot of tension, the kids all seem well adjusted, as do the adults and they are supporting themselves without the help of the government.  Which is more than I can say for some non-polygamist.

Where am I going with all this, besides to hawk the show?
I'm trying to the show and that's it.
As for judging them for polygamy...let it go.
Are they harming anyone?
Are they dealing drugs? guns?
Are they out having murder & mayhem?
Well last night they did do a little ice blocking (which I totally want to try!)

Cody is legally married to one of the girls...Meri.
The other's he is married to thru the church.
Big deal.
Who cares?
Is it a life style for me?
Should the be left to their own devices and to go on living this way?
Why not?
No different than a wife & hubs who have an open marriage or do I dare say, swingers.

I just feel they are doing the show to get it out there that not all polygamists are no makeup, dress wearing, marry off the 13 year old girl to the 84 year old guy, cult like people.  The Browns seem to be raising their children in a loving home with spirituality and kindness and um, again, they are supporting their children without state/fed help.

Can I get an AMEN?

Well, let the flaming begin.
It's ok if you disagree with me on my view of polygamy but really you can't disagree that this show is killer and you should at least check it out.

LMK your thoughts!





i agree n i love the show as well..


I started watching the show out of curiosity, to see if I'd be as shocked by it as I am when I watch Hoarders. I'm hooked now. I love this show and this family. They aren't freaks at all, they're kind and loving people. How sad that they had to leave the state and move. I agree, leave them alone, they aren't hurting anyone. Go after real criminals.

Becca Wright

I agree with you. It isn't my cup of tea, but this isn't some creepy old guy marrying his 13 y/o daughter or granddaughter. All the wives are grown women who have made a choice to live this way. Society seems to put up with a guy having a wife and a girlfriend on the side and having children with each. Sure they're talked about in the media when it's a politain or celebrity, but because this family is opening up their life to TV, suddenly this is outragous? Really?


I agree with you! They're not hurting anyone! Kind of gay couples, not hurting anyone, not dealing drugs, just a happy family :)