Monday, March 03, 2008

Another CJ Layout bites the dust

Finally got Kim's CJ layout done for her cj. I am participating in one at Scrappinmojo. You should really come check out the mb's, they are super fun!

I actually took the 3 hrs that Cheeks was done for a nap & scrapped for me. I don't do that enough, stuff for me, so I thought why not! Ok, enough about me!

Cheeks had his 18 mos. check up last week, or was it the week prior.
Doesn't matter.
Boyfriend weighed in at 32lbs, 15 ounces & stands at 35 3/4'.
Think he's going to be tall? I think so.

What I do know is he is entering the terrible twos.
Ah, Good Times, good times! Can't wait to be in the midst of it all b/c the preview is just fantabulous!

It looks like my job will be around for awhile.
Which is good b/c I really like this job, a lot.
The drive isn't that bad altho I would prefer a 15 min. jaunt to a 40 min. but such is life. I can't complain right? When I had the 20 min. drive I hated the job.

The freebies are rolling in.
Since this weekend I got a sample of Dog Food (giving to a shelter), sample of Hamburger Helper for the microwave, sample of Chex Mix Turtle flavor (tasty!), a free Video Game mag (comes in handy b/c I get the kids this weekend), shampoo samples & body gel samples. Woo!
Plus I did another Pinecone Research survey.
Cha-ching! I am now up to $12 in my emergency fund. Stop the applause, I know it is awe inspiring but really you are embarrassing me. You too can take 2 months to get $12 in your fund. While it was no easy feat, I have confidence that you all can do it.

Alrighty, behind the scenes with the Royal Family is on
I am hoping they show what is in the Queen's purse.
Really, wtf does she carry all the time?
Palm pilot?
Sewing kit?
Hope to find out!

Woops out!


Tara O'Rourke

Oh cool collage of photos...I suck at that, but sure DON'T.


Love the page you did!


omg meghan i'm still laughing at you wanting to know what's in the queen's purse. hahahahha only you..but your'e right. i wonder what's in there. doenst she remind you of grandmom with white hair??? think gran is spinning after that remark? baaaaaaaahahah a treat to the eyes that page was i say i say....xx

The Untamed Scrapper

Way cool l/o Meghan and wtg on the surveys! I seldom get the samples :( but I have done a few product surveys (where they send you the product and you give your opinions). Fun...

Have to checkout the Pinecone group you're doing. Congrats on the $12 fund for you!

Jennifer Lavender

Beautiful layout!

So....what does the Queen carry in her purse? Did you ever find out? I wanted to watch, but hubby took me to the grocery store instead and I forgot to set the DVR.


would love to hear how you get the freebies etc. lol
please email me and let me know
Sounds interesting
site owner


Nice work, Meghan! I love that photo collage! So, what was in the queen's purse? I'd like to know too. :)

I wanted to stop by to let you know that I've got some free books up for grabs as part of my March Pay It Forward Book Exchange. Stop by if you're interested in a chance to win. :)


WOW, Meghan, very nice LO.

And Ethan is a big boy! Eric's stats at 18 months: 22 lbs 12 ozs and 33 1/2 inches tall. He weighed exactly the same at 15 months old!!!!