Friday, March 07, 2008

Blurry because

He was on the move.
Child labor laws?
Forget about it!
I got him his own size broom & set his tushie too work.
He just finished doing all stairs & was getting ready to start in the living room.
I figure he's lower to the ground he will use less energy
And in this day & age, we need to conserve energy.
When he was done, he carried up the boxes of wipes & diapers.
What a kid!

Speaking of which, I have all 3 with me.
It's quiet for now b/c they have gone upstairs to play whatever game is in their PS3.
For the last 2 hours, they have been down here playing Guitar Hero on the PS2 that Erin's boyfriend, Dave, brought over.
Good times.
Anyone have a valium?

So I did not find out what was in the Queen's purse!
Guess the bitch didn't think we "was good nuff!" to know what was in there.
You know how those royals are!

Not much going on here.
My layout down there was featured on as their homepage layout the other day. Woo! Yay! I was pretty darn excited!

More freebies rolling in. Today I got a coupon for free dog food. Last night when food shopping I used a coupon for free can of wet dog food & a coupon for free Snausages. I am planning on gathering the freebies, then taking all that plus some of Cheeks receiving blankets to the shelter. We can't have pets here so it's the least I could do.

Alright, my new RR Everyday mag came & I am off to see what I am not going to cook this month! Really? Why spoil a streak & cook! LOL

Woops out!



Work him baby, work him! lol

I wish my kids would even pretend to clean. It's pathetic really!



Blurry or not that photo is stinking cute???

Creole Wisdom

You know kids work the best, don't you? I work at a daycare, and give them a job and whew... it will get done!

But then again, I am studying women-children's labor and it is kind of sad : (

Thanks for your blog comment! We shall see about the RM, there are a few other options out there and you know how it is, you gotta weigh in your options! Hahah!

And scandelous you, at the apt! Well, if it makes you feel better. When my elder got transfered, he hugged me. Arrest me now.


Too cute! It is nice when they are little and love to do things. When they hit 10, forget it! lol