Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Sunshine Day, Everybody Smilin!

It's a Sunshine Day in my house!

Why, you ask?

Well the Dr., the Dr., who said she wouldn't give me the meds, called me today.
This was after I called the office & complained that I didn't hear from my main dr.
I was informed that my main dr. was out of the office all week.
Don't you think the bitch yesterday should have told me that!

Anyway, Dr. C was like "Meghan, I never said I wouldn't give you medication"
Now at this point I wanted to reach my hand thru the phone & strangle her by her thin neck but I remained cool & told her my plight & how I know I have a problem etc & that I am trying to find help but don't feel that she is giving it to me.
She stood firm on her saying she never said I couldn't have them. She said she told me it was an option
I said "Yes, an option you said you wouldn't give me!"

Long story short...she called me in a script.
So I will pick up tomorrow.
And be on my way to getting better.
Let's hope!

Just thought I would let my faithful readers know!
I know I have so many fans out there. LOL

On that note...Woops out!



WONDERFUL news Meggers




Yeah!! I'm glad you didn't give up!


That is awesome new Meghan!

Tara O'Rourke

I am SOOOO happy for you!!!!!


Meghan that is great news... I hope the clouds dont start building up again this evening...



YAY!! I'm glad that you will be feeling better soon.


Wonderful news Meg. But you know you still have to kick that bitch doctor to the curb, right? She's trying to backpedal and cover herself now. I'm so happy you're getting some relief.


Great news, good for you for standing up for yourself!!


I'm glad you're getting the help you want... {{{hugs}}}


YEA!! I'm so glad that you will be getting the help you need now! ~~BIG HUGS~~


Good news for you! Sunnier days ahead!


I'm glad that you got the meds, however, you still need to do something about solving the underlying problem. I know. I've been there. I made the decision to go on meds after not wanting to because I thought it made me weak ... got over that quickly. But, I also made the decision to find out why I was like that in the first place, do something about it, and get off the meds as soon as I could. I feel so much better now and more able to handle things.