Friday, March 21, 2008

Little Adobe Playing




They are subtitle changes but I like them.
The one of the Nana & Cheeks I softened by reducing noise & then I played w/ the brightness & the contrast.

For the photo of just Cheeks, I softened by reducing the noise & then I added some blue tones to it.

Just thought I'd would share.
It is all quiet at my house now.

Bobster took the older boys with his brother to pick up the race car.
I made breakfast first.
Pancakes, pork roll & fried potatos.
What a mess but it was goooooooooooood!

Now it's just Cheeks & I.
He has his broom & is cleaning up the mess.
What mess you ask?
Well it appears the Aunt Erin left her Wasabie Cashews open on the computer table & Cheeks grabbed them & turned them upside down.
So he is cleaning it up!
Child labor is so cheap.

Just kidding.
Bobster cleaned it up.
Cheeks is actually just hanging out. He has my cell so if yours rings & quickly hangs up, could be my son!




OH MY GOSH!!!!!! That absolutely can not be CHEEKS!!!! What the heck are you feeding that boy? Wasn't he just born yesterday???? LOL He sure is growing up and staying cute as ever!!