Friday, March 28, 2008

It has begun!

Race Car Season has descended down upon us.
This is the car before the detailing or the stenciling or whatever one calls it.
I don't have any pics of it done...I will get some.

Tonight I took Bobby some dinner at his mom's. He is working on the car to get it ready for tomorrow. They have to go get inspected before they can race it. I don't know, I didn't ask.

Anyway, Cheeks loves the big trucks & cars so he was pursing his lips together & going OOOH! when Bobster & his dad would turn the car on. Now it makes a very loud noise. At first he seemed to like it, but they only left it on a second. When we were leaving, they turned it on & let it run, so Cheeks was looking, so I took him over to it. Well, at first, he did OOOH! Then I guess it got to loud b/c he started to cry & lunged for Bobster. Poor kid!

Not much else is going on.
Exhausted by this time of the night.
Not sure where Bobster is going next to work. He will not be returning to Puerto Rico. Too much time away from his family.

On that note....



Racing.....sounds exciting! Hope he wins! Cheekers reaction to the noisy car sounds just like what Grayson would do! LOL Poor kiddo!