Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

Listen up.
Next year & the rest of 2008, I will not being doing anymore holiday dinners or such.
Sure, I might throw in Arbor Day Tea or even an Election Day Dessert
as for me cooking, doing & trying to eat, FUGGADABOUTIT!

I enjoyed making the ham.
Nothing to it, really.
Covered it in brown sugar & honey, pineapples & cherries.
Everyone said it was really good.
Then again I served Cajun London Broil on Friday so anything was a step up!

Anyway the Bobster surprised me with Easter flowers.
It meant more to me than anything else today (well not the whole Jesus being resurrected thing but you know what I mean!)
Very pretty purple hyacinths, which next to pink tulips are my fav flower!

As for mentally, it was a day of ups & downs.
Too much noise for me. I definitely have come to the realization that I need to be around quiet.
Yes, I personally might get loud with my voice & don't mind being in crowds etc but in my house I like quiet.
Guess being in the house with 3 boys & one male adult child, noise comes with the territory. *sigh*

The Easter Bunny came last night.
The older boys got candy & g/c to Wendy's & Subway.
The Cheeks got a bubble lawn mower.
He loves Aid's (my Godson)lawn mower. Plays with it everytime we go for a playdate, so the Bunny took note & gave him one (since he's a little young to get candy).
He also got a Camoflauge outfit from the Nana! Hope I can find him when he wears it.
The older boys got chocolate bunnies & moola from the Nan!

On that note, I must go.
Work in the am.
I called out on Thursday & we were off on Friday.
Hope they understood why I didn't make it in on Thursday.
I really like my job & don't want to jeapordize it!

Woops out!



I can sooo relate to the need for quiet! LOL ~HUGS~


I like the quiet but am used to both noisy (at work) and quiet (at home).

Sorry response is so late, but I'm just now able to catch up.