Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Daddy is Home!

Just a quick posts to say Cheeks is happy Daddy is home.

Mommy is feeling better. I know this is just a little bit of sunshine in the weather right now but I will take it.
Haven't had a chance to contact the doctor again.
I will definitely be calling b/c really, who gets told, yes you are depressed & sad but I am not going to give you anything.

Ran to TRUS today to help the Easter Bunny out.
Fisher Price stuff was buy one/get one.
Didn't work for me.
Talk about pissed.
Now I gotta go back & get my money back.

I'm home today.
Aunt Erin sick.
Bobster had to go to the office so...
by default it's me & the Cheeks.
Nice to spend time with my baby.
Altho. he is right now napping & so is Bobster (who is home from the office...sigh)
Where is my nap?
Maybe I should be napping?

Well just wanted to post a quick one.
Let you all know I am sunny today but could be cloudy tomorrow.
Is this what that special time in a women's life feels like?
Could it be that perhaps, at the young age of 37 I am starting the change?
I do get hot flashes!

Alright, enough babble, off to see what I can do to straighten my house!
Woops out!
P.S. My child doesn't always look crummy, dirty...I swear he doesn't!!!!



Love those pics and those cheeke

Jennifer Lavender

I guess it's a good thing little boys are supposed to be crummy, dirty little things.

Cheeks is so cute with his daddy. Love the photos.