Thursday, August 14, 2008

A little bit of happiness found on a roadside stand

Every morning on my way to work I pass a house.
Every morning on my way to work there are 2 little old bitties outside.
In white hats,
white gloves,
Tending to their flowers.

Every afternoon when I leave work I pass a house.
Outside the house is a roadside stand.
Where 2 little old bitties sell their flowers in bouquets.
$2 a bouquet.

Today I stopped.
Slapped down a $5 on their "honor" table.
Took 2 bouquets, no change.
One for the Nana.
One for me.

Flowers bring happiness.
Don't you agree?????
So I came home & put them in my Southern Living pitcher & viola! brightened up my dining room!!

Then I preceeded to make 18 cupcakes with "Funfetti" icing for Cheeks to take to daycare tomorrow.
Big man is turning 2 on Saturday.
I don't want to talk about it.
I can't believe it.
I can.
Especially tonight when he came over, opened the gate into the kitchen (b/c he can.....guess it's really not doing it's job now)
promptly told me to
or in other words
I am not sure what I was doing but he didn't like it.
Then he threw a shoe at Aunt Erin's head.
Good times.
Good times.
Thank goodness for the naughty step.
Keep your fingers crossed.....seems to be working.

Woops out!

*Edited to add: When I went to take the cupcakes to the car I noticed the icing had melted off & was laying in the bottom of the containers. Note to self: Do not put cupcakes in Rubbermaid containers & then put lid on to stay overnight.
I am slightly disappointed b/c I really wanted them to look nice for Cheeks 1st official "take a treat to school for your bday"
on the other hand
I think the oldest kid there is 4 & kids don't care.


Miss Mommy

The flowers are lovely...and what a great deal you got on them!! I too love fresh flowwers in a if only I could get hubby to get me some once in a think you could remind him for me???


Pretty flowers. I love to have flowers in vase at my house. Does not happen very often. lol

Kim - ScrapToMyLu

I love honor tables! And you probably gave them such a thrill for the extra $. What a simple beautiful gesture. Love it. Love the SLAH pitcher. Mine is the other colors.