Thursday, August 28, 2008

Why I should wear my glasses while driving

Ah, blueberries.
Blueberry Muffin...remember her? Of Strawberry Shortcake fame.
Ah, good times.

Anywho, see those succulent blueberries up there?
On the scale.
Yum, right?
Well the little old ladies that sell the flowers apparently are in the blueberry biz as well.
Quite the savvy business woman.
Anyway, as I drive by all week I see a big ole sign "$3!!!"
So today, I had 3 one dollar bills.
All day I dreamt of the tasty fresh, pesticide free blueberries I was gonna pick up for $3.
I was dreaming of pancakes, scones, muffins, you name it, I was thinking about...any wonder why I have a weight problem?

So after work I zip on down the road in my trusy mini van, pull over, look at the sing & to my amazement when up close I notice it doesn't say $3 but $8.
$8 for everything in the basket, just leave the basket.
Now while this is a killer deal, I would be eating blueberries for like 50 years.
I mean this was like a large apple crate filled & over flowing with the suckers.
So I left.
Disappointed b/c I realized the sign said $8 freakin dollars the whole time.
I just couldn't tell because I don't wear my glasses to drive during the day.
Darn me!
So there will be no pancakes, scones, muffins or more.
All I can do is dream of the pics up above.

Woops out!



What a Pisser!!! Well you will just have to find some more one dollar bills!!!



That really sucks Meghan. Maybe when you have $8 you can buy some and then freeze a bunch and THEN you can have your blueberry muffins, pancakes, and etc ALL YEAR! Sounds great, no?


Man those blueberries sounded good!!! WEAR YOUR GLASSES!! And, scrounge up some more dollar bills you must have them for all those delictable goodies!

Lisa & Gerald

hehehehe you post is too cute Hi my name is Lisa Demars and I found your blog from Danny Seo What a great guy he is!
Im from St.Thomas, Ont. Canada
I been on your blog a few times I love your blog! Hope you stop by and say Hi!
Hope you have a great weekend!


ONG... I'm loving your blog! Especially the PSA's.. they should be broadcasted worldwide! How funny~!! Now.. get yourself to Wally World for those pumpkins! Thanks for visiting my blog!

Buzzings of a Queen Bee!

Bummer!! I guess you could freeze them but you'd still have so many blueberries! Too bad!

Twice as Nice

LOL you are so funny. Is there any way you could have taken $3 worth the blue berries and left the rest?
Nothing like dreaming of berries all day for nothing!


too darn funny!! I would have taken half those blueberris off your hands! We took Eric to Johnson's a few weeks ago to pick blueberries. Made TWO pies!!!

Wear your glasses!

The Berry's Patch

Hi Meghan,

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Those blueberries look delectable! I normally freeze blueberries. They are yummy that way. It's nice to meet you.

Brandee :-)

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality

Hi, Meghan, thanks for stopping by. On the picture frame height thing...well, since y'all are taller than average, it might be a good idea to hang your pics a little lower than you would normally think is right, since most people coming in your house are going to be shorter. It just looks strange to have art hanging WAY up the wall, so just get a good visual of it and a 2nd opinion. your mom might be right on this one!


Jen r.

Oh, that's too bad! too bad you couldn't have had $3 worth! :) Wanted to say thanks for stopping by my blog! I am glad you found something you could use! Let me know how your project turns out! :) jen R


well meghan i'm not sure what y ou wrote rhoda about but the fact that she said i may be right about something makes her special in my book. could you copy that and send it to you sister?? she doesnt think i'm right about anything, maybe this will change her mind.. right????? baaaaahahahah i think freezing the berries is a banner idea. they're delicious frozen and you can make them into syrup to put on pancakes or over ice cream. do you ever eat ice cream???? haahahahahahah wait that's me i'm the one who doesnt eat it... we look so much alike...ok i'm out. the nana