Saturday, August 09, 2008

Shag a delic!

It's gone.
The shag.
The Cheeks has short hair again.
I will take a pic & post tomorrow.
I had my mom cut it...SHORT!
He looks like such a little man now.

On another note, in about a week, he goes for his 2 yr check up & shots, I will be asking my doctor about this but if any of you have toddlers please give me some advice.
Cheeks beats the shit out of me.
Oh yea. I said it!
When he doesn't want to go somewhere or get in the car or out of the tub or have his diaper change, he flips out & kicks, hits, squirms, wiggles & head butts his way. I am usually holding him at this point.
He likes to throw himself back as well.
Last week he didn't like to have to get in his pj's after his bath so he slapped me across the face, twice.
When I go to change him, he kicks me and turns himself over & holds onto the side of the changing table so I can't turn him over.
I am at my wits end.
I do not know what to do.
I have tried ignoring it.......doesn't work.
I have tried reasoning with him......really, reasoning with him....he's going to be 2 in a week. I know what was I thinking.
I have slapped his tushie.
I have done time out.
Nothing is working & I am really the only one he does this too.
Anyone have any advice?
I know part of it is terrible two's but I am beginning to think I am going to need to wear padding whenever he's awake.
Sorry to whine, just had to get it out.

Still on a quest to redecorate.
It's never-ending really.
Went to Goodwill today & scored!
I even found a plastic construction kid's hard hat for Cheeks party next week. $.99 cents.
I also got 2 framed Target prints of a dump truck & a firetruck for Cheeks bedroom.
I picked up some Polish China dishes to see if they were worth anything.
Of course they are worth.....NADA.
O well.
Perhaps I will paint them or use them as is.

Have you scored anything while thrifting lately?
Share with me.
Oh yea, and the advice for not getting beat up by 2 yr old.

Woops out!



Can't wait to see the new and improved Cheekers. Sorry no advice on the hitting, Tons of Fun does it too and he's 2 1/2. All I know is that you can't punish the behavior by using the behavior. No hitting back.
I hit Goodwill today too, and scored one Pooh puzzle for 49 cents and one Blues Clues puzzle with FOUR pieces missing, also 49 cents. I am pissed, but I'm going to spray paint the pieces.....oh wait wait wait, that is so gonna be a blog post in the future. Just gonna have to keep looking to see, but it's gonna be wayyyyy cool!


I know the boys did the hitting thing. Robbie more than Justin, I just don't remember how we stopped it or if they just grew out of it. Ahhhh, the perils of twin brain, I can barely remember what I wore yesterday. I think we did time outs, like in your crib time outs, not just sit on the naughty spot time outs. Where is that damn supernanny when you need her.

I went to Good will on Friday. Our coffee pot just croaked on Wednesday. No warning, nothing, just died. So I stopped on my way home from work on Friday, found a coffee pot for $3.99. I was happy about that until the lady at the counter told me it was 50% off day so I got the coffee pot for $2.14. Best darn coffee I've ever had.


I cant believe how freaking cute he is!!!


ok i've said it before and i'll say it again schmeg.. you need to be consistant. nothing will work if it's only done for a few days. you forget i raised you. you were the most willfull child i've ever seen. a little less aggressive than the cheeker man but a pisser none the less. you have to pick a naughty spot as was done tonight. you need to do the same thing over and over til he gets it. it may take a week it may take 6 months but remember who the parent is. i agree 100% with megryansmom about no hitting back. it just flat out wont work. time out may take time but its been proven time and time again how well it works. ethan is smart and manipulative. he doenst get that from our side so i'll leave that remark alone for now. just pray and be consistant. talk to the dr when you see him for extra ideas and maybe write to jo frost the here for you sweetie. mom


Sorry Meghan, I never had that problem with either of my children, but then again, my children are a little different. They are both actually great kids and never gave me any problems.

I'm sure it's probably something he'll grow out of, although, that being said, you need to make sure that he knows that it's defo not an action that you'll accept.



Wow, Meghan...Eric doesn't do anything like that, but then he also knows that mommy and daddy wouldn't put it up with it. I do agree with mom, you need to be consistant and stick with it. Since he is only doing it to you, he obviously has figured out that he can get away with it with you.

Can't wait to see the new do...Eric got all his hair cut short back in June...Daddy took him and Mommy had no idea it was going to be cut that short!

Is Cheeks birthday theme construction?

You and I need to get our acts together and actually meet in person!


I know you've heard it a million times before, but the hitting is a phase. Len went through it, not quite as bad as some other kiddos, but he went through it nonetheless. The only thing I can suggest is, try to catch Cheekers' hands/feet when he starts to hit/kick and hold them while you tell him no. We used to tell Len "we don't hit in this house" so of course I couldn't hit him or he would hit me right back, or say "no hit". Basically consistency is key. Your doctor may be able to help too, but as frustrating as it may be, this too shall pass.