Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Look who visited me!!!

Is he not the cutest!!!????
Who is he, you ask?
That's my nephew.
My brother's 1st son (ok, I know some of you knew I had a brother BUT who knows his name???!!!??)

Anywho, this is Colin.
Look at those cheeks.
OMG! I could bite them.
And his cries are just the sweetest ever.

I forgot what it was like to just hold a little one who isn't struggling to get down or trying to hit you with his toy. LOL Plus Colin weighs like 18 pounds. It was like holding a feather!

Colin hung out for like 3 hours then headed home with Daddy to go to bed for the night.
Cheeks loved his cousin.
So to my brother, if you are reading this blog & I know you have the url now b/c you immed me yesterday for it, bring Colin back!!!!!!!! We want to play with him!!!!!!

To my readers, stay tuned.
Update to happen tonight or tomorrow...2 recipes I made (sorry Jacquie, I cooked, I know I was your partner in crime in the no cooking but these recipes were to good to pass up!) plus I won a blog award & I need to do a tag (actually 2) that I got awhile ago.

Woops out!



Aww... he is the cutest! Glad that cheeks that had fun playing with him.