Thursday, November 13, 2008

Christmas Spaving

It appears our Cheekers has finally had enough of the Babyrazzi!!!!
Tee hee.
Or he's sick of Xmas shopping already & has had enough.
Don't know which.

So, who is Xmas shopping?
I so am!!!
I scored a kick tushie deal on something for TimBob.
Ended up with free shipping & 20% off.

Then I got the girls matching jumpers with Disney princesses on them for a song!
Had to pay shipping but sometimes you have to bite the bullet. Still worked out to a great deal!

The dilemma in my shopping comes to my daycare.
Well not my daycare per say, Cheeks.
There is the owner.
Plus 3 employees (one being her teenage son who Cheeks adores).
The other 2 are college age girls.
I ended up getting the girls these cute pouches off of Etsy
Super sweet & I am going to put gift cards in them surrounded by candy (like kisses, minatures, random things like that).
For the owner, who also works there & is just the nicest person on the planet, I am planning on getting a g/c for higher $$ than the girls & perhaps some children's books for the daycare.
Not sure on that.
Of course these will be Visa g/c's that way they can spend whereever they want.

My dilemma comes with her son.
All I know is he's really good with the kids & is in a band.
I would like to get him a g/c & something to go with it but he's a teenage boy, so I am stumped.
Any suggestions would be highly appreciated.
Perhaps my Aunt Patty could chime in since she had a teenage son once
My Aunt Dar b/c well she had 3 teenage sons.
So give me a shout out ladies on what to get him.

That pretty much concludes the shopping to this point.
No, wait, that's a lie.
Santa has picked up somethings for Cheeks & Chris.
I spaved on those....I mean Santa did!

BTW, keep your eyes peeled to the blog, I am going to have a super cool giveaway soon.
One that I think you like!!!
No, wait, I know you will like!

So before you leave, give me a suggestion for the teenboy, I may just use it for my own 15 yr old!

Woops out!



Hey Meghan... how about a g/c to a music store? I'm sure you have some in the area... one of those that sells musical instruments, song books, etc? and of course i'm sure food of any type lol



I have 2 teenage nephews, we are getting the older one, who just turned 17, snowboard boots for his birthday & Christmas, the younger one, who will be 14 right after Christmas, we have no idea. They are so difficult at that age. We usually wind up with video game cartridges or Lego sets (the 14 yr old loves Lego still), one year we bought them a family pack of tickets to a Phantoms game.

Great spaves!


I have a 14 yr old boy now - yeah he is that big now. My son's suggests itunes card. Skull candy headphones. Knit Beanies, Foot bags -Tim and his friends are way into them! good pens and pencils (mechanical), He said fast food gift cards, Tic tacs, gum packs, okay that's all I got for now. I'll let ya know if we think of more! We are doing an all homemade Christmas this year so no shopping going on.


You can get like itunes gift cards from Walmart. My nephews are their 20's and Boomer is 12, but I had got them gift cards and footballs. Favorite movie that they have wanted, favorite candy, maybe something for their car, maybe something for their cell phones, video games. That is all I can think of.

Aunt Patty

Hey Meghan, Hmmmm let's see a teenage boy, it wasn't to long ago that Jon was a teenager. If he's into music how bout a cd, could you ask his Mom what groups he likes. I know Jon loved getting cds for gifts, well so long as it was the music he was into. And then you could take the cd and surround it that lovely chocolate that you wre also giving to the girls!!!

You know you can't go wrong with chocolate!!!
Anyway happy shopping, I just love this time of the year!!


hey megan ive got 3 10 11 and 13 they are all into games games and oh ya more games lol for the psp and x box you could ask him mom what game system he has mabie a gift card for a game or something
Or if he likes to read what books he is into mabie a GC to books a million or any i tunes

Lissa (aka The Untamed Scrapper)

As a momma to a teen and one who recently passed through his teen years, they both COVETED anyone's gift cards. They've been getting gift cards for years to Blockbuster, Best Buy, CCS (skate store on line), Visa Gift Cards, Wally World and Target. They adore them...

I'd say you were right on track all along... as for the pouch, not so much, just a nice card would be cool. Or a skull in a Santa cap with the gift card inside.

Good luck!