Wednesday, November 12, 2008

World Kindness Day

That's what today is.
World Kindness Day.
I want to start this post with a recap of all the comments I received yesterday that were directed to the Veterans & most of all, my dad.

  • listplanit
    Very lovely post. So nice to put faces on the people to whom we owe so much. Thank you Meghan's Dad, Tony, Bob, and the countless others who have defended our freedome!Jen
    You are so wonderful for posting this tribute!! I LOVE it!! Thank you to your dad and everyone who serves or has served in the military!!!!
    Megryansmom We are of the same mindset today. Thank you Meghan's dad and Bob and Tony.
    Thank you very much, Meghan's dad and ALL military personnel...including my late grand father who served in WWII.Thank you for your selfless act of defending our country.~Cyndi~
    BunnyKissd Thank you Meghan's Dad! Thank you Tony! Thank you Bob! And thank you to all the other men & women who serve our country...
    We appreciate the sacrifices you and all of your partners have made for our families. Thank you!
    Thank your dad for me. I think of my grandfather today who served on a Navy ship in WWII in the Pacific. I have another grandfather who served in Europe. I also remember my great-grandfather who served in WWI. I am also thinking of the soldiers in Iraq and Afganistan and hoping they will stay safe, and be able to get home to their families soon!Again, please give my appreciation to your father. Not many people can do what he did.
    Thank You Meghan's Dad, Bob,Tony and everyone that is serving or has served. We really appreciate what you all do for our Freedom.
    MommyWizdom True dat, true dat! :-) Great post!
    Awesome post! My dad is also a Vietnam vet - need to do my own Veterans Day post!
    Tara O'Rourke Thank you!! As a military spouse i so appreciate your service to our country!!!
    Anonymous said...
    i think about my ex husband this day more and more as the years go by. meghan's grandfather was on the ship the missouri and saw the signing of the treaty of ww2. that was the end of the for him and many others. they went home to their loved one and to a celebration throughout the country. the viet nam vets came home to the love of their families. some did not. but the country never thanked the men as they did in the previous wars.sadly the viet nam war never ended for a lot of our vets. they live it day after day. not only did many lose their lives in viet nam but many came home and lost their lives here. if not right away later in years as they lost their families due to post traumatic stress disease. these men still suffer the effects of the war and there are no words to possibly thank them for what they did so we could remain the country we are today. we need to show our love and appreciation and support to those who have served in the armed forces every day of the year....i know meg's dad reads this and he knows how i feel but here it is again anyway leslie. thank you and i love you.. xxx laura

How are you going to celebrate World Kindness Day?
I say lets all try to do one RAK. You know, random act of kindness.
A challenge!
Are you up for it???!!!
Say, pay someone's toll, buy them their coffee, let them in front of you on the road, not wrap your hands around their neck when they annoy you. You know the little things!!!

Let me know how you celebrated World Kindess Day...what did you do???

Woops out!


Noah's Mommy

Hmmm...My act of kindness...babysitting for a fellow military mom whose hubby is deployed with my she can have a much needed break.....