Friday, November 07, 2008

Lookee what I got!

Oh that's right.
I got awards.
Not just one
Who thought I deserved these??? None other than Julie over at Cool Mom Guide.
She totally rocks!!!
Go check her & her blog out b/c you will not be sorry.
Trust me.
Anywho, she gave me the awards but also tagged me for 7 random facts.
I just did this tag but it's not like me to back down from a tag so I will give you 7 different random facts today.
Let's start, shall we:
  • 1. I sang in the Echelon Mall as a kid for a concert with All Cherry Hill Chorus. Sadly when I sing I sound like 10 cats dying.
  • 2. I have been to England, Ireland, Germany, Switzerland, Holland, Italy & 2 other countries but I haven't been further west of my own state than Lancaster, PA.
  • 3. I have always been the older one in my relationships...Bobster is 14 mos younger than me & F*cko was almost 2 yrs younger.
  • 4. I pick my finger nails....not bite, pick. It's a habit.
  • 5. I am a mad baker but not so much as a cook.
  • 6. I have worked part time at AC Moore, Bath & Body Works & Country Scents (which sells Yankee Candles).
  • 7. I can run a supermarket with one hand tied behind my back & I can do it well.
Now I am supposed to tag 7 other people but I have a cold & am foggy so I can only think of a few like say:
1. Torreh
2. Tara
3. Kathy Carr
4. Jamie
5. Jodi
6. Lissa
7. My sister.
Oh I guess I could think of 7.
Ok girlers, you get the awards & the go forth & do what you do best!!!!
Woops out!



You deserve the awards :) you have a rocking cool blog!


meghan also worked at kitchen kapers as one of the coolest kaperettes. she was quite the sales person. non one sells coffee beans like schmeggie.. baaaaahahahah congrats on the awards meg. the nana

Julie@Cool Mom Guide

Eh, they might be sorry...