Saturday, November 01, 2008

Survival of Halloween 2008

First a shout out to the Great was his birthday.
He turned 88.
Cheeks & I went to visit him & Cheeks gave Great Grandpop high five & pounds.

Now, I am posting this next picture because I must truely love you all in blogland.
This is me & Cheeks the other night at the parade.
O yes.
I am that huge.
Really. I had handlers to help me in the parade.
Just concentrate on the cute kid!

Here are some more pics from the Haddon Twp Halloween Parade.

I have a bit of a ham on my hands!

A racecar driver always, always has his trusty binky with him!

There is Cheeks & his pit crew. I hate those big in the legs...anyway again, focus on the child!!!

Finally, the pit crew let Cheeks down so he had to push his car home!

Halloween was a test of survival. Not sure who the test was for tho.
Bobster & myself or Cheeks.
Cheeks went trick or treating with his daycare & had no nap for the day. Plus he ate a taffy on his route with them.
We picked him up & decided to take him.
He made it through 3 houses in 15 minutes b/c he had to play with dogs, talk to the people, show off etc.
Finally, at the 3rd house, he had a temper tantrum b/c he didn't want to leave the dog.
So we said "Ok you're done!"
He came home & had another taffy plus some chocolate.
I's his first trick or treat let him enjoy.
BIG MISTAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He was literally standing still yet blurry from all the sugar that was making him involuntarily move. He fell asleep on the floor but woke up after 10 minutes when the Nana arrived to give him his trick or treat from her. More chocolate!!!
Thanks Nana!

I finally wrestled him into the tub & was going to let him stay up for a bit.
We threw him in the van to go get the boys & he was out in 10 minutes.
Slept 12 hours & didn't wake up when the boys got in the car or when we got him out of his seat.
He was down for the count.

Cheeks definitely enjoyed his 1st official trick or treating experience & mommy & daddy are reaping the candy benefits! LOL

On that note......Woops out!



Cute Race Car Driver! Glad that you finally got him to go to sleep. No, you are not huge!


Great pics - he is growing so much! He sure does look like you! Calleigh didn't get her mouse costume back on; she was out before 8pm....

Terra Jones

So sweet!!!!!

Tara O'Rourke

Oh Meghan...he's gorgeous...but let ME tell you something.

You are BEAUTIFUL...just the way you are. I've always been envious of that gorgeous face.


in my defense i must say i chose ethans candy wisely. i gave him 2 bite size 3 muskateer bars. there isnt much chocolate on them but .... the artificial color is rampant. hahahah i just had to do it. on the other hand i DID give him a book too. always for the edjucashun i is , i is.... anyway you are not huge meghan. you're beautiful and to diana. ethan looks EXACTLY like meghan did at that age. it's really scary. ta ta


Oh he is too cute! ^-^ Love the expression on his face with the binky.... *JOY*