Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Out of all 3 kids, this one was our last hope.
Now not so much!

Isn't it funny how all little ones play with boxes?????

This kept him busy (in between whining for the "cah") for like 30 minutes.

So Santa will just be bringing boxes this year.

Thank goodness because that will really help Santa's checking account out.

Anyway what kind of odd ball things did your kid play with when they were small? Or do they still play with odd ball things?

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Woops out!



Boxes were a fave toy in our house too. Paper was a great snack for some of the monkeys. My oldest loved to play with her cloth diappers, clean of course. I think the funniest was one of the girls loved to play with a ball of yarn and would bat it around like a cat :D


Meghan, ours is hats. And balls. And anything big brother has, of course!

Julia @ Hooked on Houses

This cracked me up! I got a box from Amazon with a couple of books in it this week and my kids wouldn't let me throw it out. "We'll make a fort out of it or something." Um, it's only big enough to hold about 3 books. How are they going to make a fort out of that? But they insisted. We'll see what they come up with. If I'd been smart, I would've just wrapped the box for them for Christmas instead of the books I bought them.


We're always so surprised to see our kids having a ball with empty boxes, laundry baskets or whatever and not touch their toys! LOL

John and Lisa Howard-Fusco

Yeah, I don't know why we even bother with toys. Just give the kid a box and he'd be happy. At least for a while, anyway. ;)


The boys love to go into the bathroom and run their cars and monster trucks in the bathtub. Apparently, the soapier the tub is the more they fly, kind of like a half pipe for skateboarders. That will entertain them forever.

Rebecca Smith

My little ones loved playing with a wet washcloth. (clean of course). They'd drape it over their faces & walk around like that in circles. It was hilarious! My 18 month loves it!

Miss Mommy

Too funny...last Christmas we had a few huge boxes and Little Man and Little Miss were so asd when they had to go out for trash (recycled, of course!)

Food Lover

When my son was little, he used to love to pretend he was playing soccer and volleyball with balloons. All I had to do was blow up a few and leave them around the house--he would kick and toss them around for hours, and with no damage to the furniture:)