Monday, November 03, 2008

Happy Birthday TimBob!

Somebody turned 15~!!!!!!
OMG! Where does the time go?
Wish I had a better shot but he is at that stage where he really doesn't want his pic taken so I have to shoot fast.

We had family over to celebrate.
TimBob requested a pumpkin cake w/ cream cheese icing.
Well, you wish, my command.

I needed help tho.
So I enlisted the cheapest help I could find.
Now that race car season is pretty much done he's looking for work.

1st he dumped the sugar.

Next the pumpkin was measured into the cup.
Finally he beat it until smooth.
This was the favorite was basically power tools so he was all a twitter!

The cake came out scrumptious!
All is quiet now.
Everyone is sleeping, so on that note....

Woops out!



Wow - you are so lucky to have such great help around when you need it!

Pumpkin cake sounds so delicious!


Awesome Job on the cake there Cheekers...and Happy birthday to JimBob...all the way from the land of Oz!!!



Did you say Twitter?

What a cute little helper you have!!

Happy Birthday TimBob!

Zoe Francois

What a cute helper you have! Happy Birthday TimBob!


Happy Birthday Timbo! Cute helper you have there!


OH NO!!! Meghan!!!! Is he really 15 now? Oh look out drivers a new one is on the way.
Well sounds like a wonderful cake! And Cheeks looks like a great little kitchen helper.

AZ Mom of Many Hats

Great Pics! It is amazing how fast they grow day they are babies...the next day they are in college! -AZ Mom of Many Hats

Tara O'Rourke

That cake sounds fab...share a recipe???????

Julie@Cool Mom Guide

My nephew is Timothy Robert and we call him Tim Bob (or Timmy Bobby B). Too funny!

You've been given a much deserved blog award!

Julia @ Hooked on Houses

Looks like he had a great birthday! That cake sounds yummy, and the baker is such a cutie! :-)

Awesome Abby

Is he LEFT HANDED?!?!??! I am, ya know.


This post is absolutely adorable! Love it!!!