Friday, November 14, 2008

Favorite Things

That time of year has come.
Oprah does it.
Why can't I?
So, now, I present to you.....A FEW OF MY FAVORITE THINGS (cue the music!)

First up we have what should be on everyone's list!
The Coach Bag.
Check it out.
Stylish yet classic.
Can't go wrong with this bag!

Next we have what everyone should be watching on Thursday nights: Ugly Betty Season 2 on DVD (hint! hint! to anyone who reads my blog & buys me presents!!). I do not want to discuss last nights episode & what happened between Marc & Cliff.....I almost cried! That's all I am going to say.

And, pretell, what is this. Look closely. It appears to be a spatula, in PINK, made for a Princess. Hello~!
This can be found at Williams Sonoma.

Of course, a princess must have a kitchy apron! And with cupcakes on it. Well won't that make my tushie look even bigger. People will never again question what I ate to get my tushie that big when I wear this cutie patootie!

Next up on the list dujour is Bath & Body Works Pomegrante Lotion.

For the Love of God people.....RUN & get this. It smells so darn good!
Need a new Xmas CD.
Go get this one!
It's a can't miss.
By the best band out there!!!
Amazon I think is selling it for like $9.95.

Next up, this cute, cute hot pink crinolin to go under a fun flirty skirt.
A girl needs to be flirty every now & then.
Of course:
My Hips
My Tush
Oooh, no so much!!
I will leave this to my readers who have no hips & tush. I envy you.

Finally the piece de resistance........
The Pink Xmas Tree.
Oh yea!
How freakin fun is this!!!!
With some clear lights.
Rush to get this one readers!

Now unlike Oprah, do not reach under your computer chair for a swag bag full of these as freebies because you will be disappointed. Oprah has a bit more $$$ than me, just a bit tho. I'm catchin up.

So tell me, what are a few of your favorite things this holiday season????!!!!

Woops out!



I love that cupcake apron!

Renée aka Mekhismom

I love the apron and the pink spatula. Love. Them.

Julie@Cool Mom Guide

Ooh, Oprah also gives one to each person in her audience! Gimme gimme! Ha! I love you!!!!!


Your list was MORE FUN TO READ than watching Oprah give away those fabulous things to all who are in the audience. What about us at home??? LOL Love your's my first visit. My friend gave me your link to show me that awesome cupcake apron! LOVE IT! Oh and a few of my favorite things are on my blog I just's got a lot of stuff to read there. LOL