Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Oh Ridemakerz, you make us all happy!

Yesterday was my 10 year old's bday.
I was fortunate enough to get a chance to review a radio controlled car from
Ridemakerz.com is like Build A Bear for the elementary to adult set. Except you build a car, not a bear, hence the name.
They have a few stores across the country in South Carolina & Maryland to name a few.
But their website is just as good as the store!

Anyway I have to say this company knows how to please a 10 yr old & his parents (even his little 2 yr old brother who stood at the edge of the table & whined "Cah, Cah, Cah" ~ he has a Boston accent even tho. we are outside Philly...go figure!)

Here is Chris opening his cool gift! He was thrilled. Check out the stylish box. Ooh la la!

With Ridemakerz.com each piece is sold separately which gives you the chance to customize the car to your liking. In our kit we got a hot green Mustang & all the parts to "trick" it out! The nice thing about Ridemakerz is you can purchase the radio controlled underbody of the car or not, leaving it a "free" car. We got the radio controlled underbody much to Chris's liking. Look at the top of the pic & you can see Bobster figuring it out. Honestly tho., it's really self explanatory.

To assembly everything you get a Hex wrench in the shape of a ignition key. Too cool!
You also get to pick out your tires (like I said, you customize it to your liking). We got the Tattoo line of tires, they are $3.00 a set, not bad.
Now while Bobster fiddled with the radio controlled underbody & the actual body of the car, Christopher got ready to "trick" his car out with the sheets of stickers included. He made his car the #37. EZ Peasy to put on & if you don't get the stickers on in the right spot the 1st time, you can reposition them. Love that factor, especially when you have a kid putting them on.
Check him out....very intent. Has to get just the right look!

Here you can see a lot of what came in the kit. You even got a "wheelie bar". I had no idea what it was & after some eye rollin from the men in my abode, I learned this was to keep the car from tipping when doing wheelies. We also got an exhaust system to put on the car & nitros. I know about nitros from the Fast & Furious movies (a very special shout out to Vin Diesel....I am here for you if things don't work out between you & your girlfriend). Ok back to the real reason for the post (Vin...call me!)
Check out the motor on the hood. It's magnetic so you can easily switch it out for something else that is cool.

Getting the nitros ready.

Now comes the fun part, getting the controller for the car together. Oh that's right, gotta have control baby!

Here it is, almost tricked out.

Check out that motor. Look at it's shine! Ridemakerz is like a boy's dream come true! And a mommy's dream come true because it kept Bobster occupied as well (like I said a boy's dream....tee hee)

And the finished product!
Oooh la la!
Ridemakerz.com has a very special offer for all of my readers.
They have gifted me a code to get $10 off a purchase of $30. Go here: Ridemakerz.com & at the checkout enter promo # 93462.
I am serious, go get one of these cars. It is freakin awesome!!!
Remember, $10 off of $30 with code # 93462.
Do you have anyone you think would like this?
Let me know!
Woops out!
(Vin, leave me voice mail!!!)



Very cool gift. I don't have anyone currently that that would be good for,well, maybe my 4 yr old would probably love a remote control car but we'd have to build it for him. I wouldn't know what a roll bar was either.


That is pretty cool! Glad that he like it!

Charles seen that and was like ohh..... Boys and their toys. lol I actually saved the website to see about getting one for Boomer and Charles. Boomer would love that! Charles would as much as Boomer. lol


Awesome! I love the site! I wish they had one near us!


That is really kewl! I have never heard of them but it looks awesome!!! Glad to see he had a fun birthday!


Oh how cool is that car!! I will have to check the site out and see if there is one near Jamie. Jon would LOVE this!!!

Awesome Abby

ask him can i have a ride, please, when i come up next month....btw....i'm still coming, far as i know...the 19th! put me on your calendar, chicka!