Thursday, December 11, 2008

Oh! Eeew!

So Bobster, the love of my life, decided he wants me to bake cookies so he can take them to his job & give them to the girls in the office & the guys in the shop.

I love to bake so I said, K.
Tonight I decided to make Spritz cookies.
Called for 1/2 tsp of Almond Extract.
Oh, great, I have that in my cabinet, never opened it.
This should have been the first clue as to how long ago I bought it.

So I grab it, open the box, take the bottle out & notice it has icky stuff around the cap & that it's almost empty.
Odd. I had never opened it.
Then I see it's like 36% alcohol. Ok. Evaporation.
There looked like enough for what I needed but something told me to show Bobster.

Good thing I did.
He was like "Um, Meg, how old is this?"
Me: "I dunno. I bought it awhile ago"
Him: "Well you can't use it or at least I don't recommend it"
Me: "Really? Why?"
Him: "There's plantkin growing in"
So I grab the bottle & look & say "What?"
Him: "Look towards the light, see it, it has tentacle growing out it"
Sure enough...looked like a jelly fish had taken up residence in my Almond Extract.

So I had to call my mom & she suggested that I just add 1/2 tsp vanilla.
Good thinking.
I put the cap back on the Almond Extract & threw it out. Especially since Bobster told me it could jump out of the bottle.
I am not sure if it could or not but I wasn't going to find out.

So my little advice to you, go through your store like once a year & get rid of it if you don't know how long you've had it.

Anyone for a Spritz cookie?

Woops out!



OK that is just a big fat ewww!!!!
I hate finding stuff in my food like that. I bought some cornmeal at the store and brought it home stuck it in the pantry and all of a sudden I had moths everywhere. They have been harder then heck to get rid of.

Noah's Mommy

hahahahah....that is NASTY.....I'm so glad he looked inside...can you imagine...


OMG! Being the freaky geek I am, I'd be trying to identify the fungi... Hehehe...


this story is HORRIFYING!

Lisa & Gerald

Thanks for gossing me out! lol


I swear some of the stuff in my cabinet came from my mom's baking cabinet - unfortunately she died 20 years ago. Who know this stuff went bad!!


As gross as that totally made my day.

Now I'm off to clean my spice cabinet lol