Tuesday, December 02, 2008

What's that smell?

What a sweet, angelic face.
Looks so calm & inquisitive, doesn't he?

Well apparently, yesterday, while at daycare, he went down for his nap.
He decided to practice his routine for his tryout with Chippendales.
Yes, yes, he stripped down to his diaper.
That's not all.
He has a clincher to win the coveted spot on the Chippendales b/c he removed his diaper.
Then for the finale, he took the poop that was in his diaper & flung it, ala chimpanzee, at the other kids who were napping & then smeared it all over himself & the crib.
Ah, good times.
I'm so proud!
Made my heart swell.

I was mortified.
He has never done that before.
Thankfully, the girls bathed him & the owner was like "eh, no big deal, happened before"
Secretly I was glad he didn't do it at home.
Isn't that terrible?
So I sent him to daycare today with the hopes that he wouldn't have a repeat performance.

On the job front, I had an interview with my old, old company. The one I left to go back to school.
Looks good.
Pay isn't that great but it's not horrendous either.
Have to talk to Bobster about things & we shall take it from there.

On another note, does anyone know Melissa Chapmen? She was won of the winners of the Pillsbury Giveaway but I can not get in touch with her.
Please let her know, if you know her, that I need to hear from her within 48 hrs from today, so that's by Thursday, or I am going to have to pick a new winner.
Thanks all!

So tell me, what's new with everyone?????
Woops out!



Oh no Meghan! lol I sure hope today goes better then yesterday!


ROFLMBO!!!!! OH MY GOSH. My son used to do this all the time. Drove me batty. Thankfully they do outgrow it.

well I don't know her, but here's to hoping I win instead. LOL I want to know where you got the bread basket so I can go buy one. I am sure she will step up and say here I am!


Eric did that once at "Miss Mary's" and once at home with Daddy...and yes, I was secretly happy that I didn't have to deal with it either time! (Now, of course I will probably pay for that admission!