Sunday, December 28, 2008

Um, yea...........

See this here buff kid???? The one in the wife beater? Well he has a sore throat.
See this here red head??? The one who weighs 77 pounds? Well he has the stomach flu.

See this here bald man? Well he too has the stomach flu.
See the cute kid with the binky? Well he has the diarrhea.

Good times at my house!
Who wants to come over???

So how was everyone's Christmas?
Ours was chaotic.
The kids got tons of stuff.
Cheeks Fisher Price Race Track is no longer working...will be calling them in the morning.
The boys got me some lovely Bath & Body Works Midnight Pomegrante Body Wash.
Love it!
Bobster got me a new coat, clothes & the Twilight series (all 4 books!). Nothing like reading them after seeing the movie.
Bobster got some Bacon Salt, a new Steelers jersey (as did all the kids 'cept Cheeks) & 2 subs to some Dirt Racing magazines.
We had my fam over in the morning, then went to his sister's house for dinner.
That is where we all were given the gift of the stomach flu.
So far only the 10 yr old & I have held out. Keep those fingers crossed!!

Now, whose ready to put their Christmas decor away?
I want to get my house looking neat & tidy again.
Have to go thru someone's toys AGAIN!
It's sad that I am ready. I used to want to keep it up til New Years.
Not now.
Christmas is over. Down it comes.
Perhaps if I had a bigger home or someone to come take it down & put it away for me, it would be different.

Well my washer went off.
Time to take it out & hang it to dry (no dryer).

Tell me, how was your holiday??

Woops out!


Miss Mommy

I too am ready to take all the Christmas decor down...if it's still up by New Year's that will be surprising!! I cannot wiat for a clean house as well!!


Eeewwwweee! Hope you are all feeling better very soon (and that you and the ten year old don't get it at all - good luck with that)!


Oh No! Hope everyone is feeling better and you manage to keep healthy. Stock up on bananas. And ITA with you about taking the decor down. I can't wait to have my house back this year.


Our holiday had its up & downs. I don't want to get into here, but it was overall a good one with lots of love for everyone.

Sorry to hear everyone there is sick with yucky-ness, but glad the holiday went well! I'm never ready to take the decorations down, but things are a bit crowded in the livingroom... Hehehe...


Ugh Megan dont you just love it when people share their bugs? Sorry you are all sick, hopefully it is a quick passing one. We had a good Christmas here, pretty laid back actually which was nice for a change. I took my tree down and had all the stuff put up by noon on Dec 26. Call me anal, but I am one who cant stand the mess that comes with the Christmas aftermath.


Hope everyone feels better soon. Hope that you and your 10 year old does not get it.

Charles has co9ld which I feel like I am getting one too. Good time!

Christmas here was ok. I took all my christmas stuff down yesterday. Charles just has to take a tub and a can of stuff downstairs and it will be out of my site. The christmas tree is alrady there. lol

Lisa & Gerald

Oh Im sorry to hear about the flu thing! HOPE THEY ARE FEELING BETTER SOON!
We had a good Christmas too!