Friday, December 19, 2008

An Open Letter

Dear Santa

I know you are busy this time of year.
Toys to be made.
Gifts to be wrapped.
Naughty elves to be flogged.
We know the drill.

This letter comes to you are a plea.
A plea to slow down.
Last night you were cruising the neighborhoods in town.
Bobster, Cheeks & I heard you coming.
"Rockin Around the Christmas Tree" was blaring loud enough that I thought I had earphones in.
So we all quickly ran to the door, opened it
there you went.
On your tricked out fire engine, lights blazing, music blaring
At about 40 mph.
Right past our house.
Cheeks got to see you drive away.
You were merely a spec on in his glimmering eye.

So, Santa, please remember that it's cold out & dark in the evenings so the little ones are usually inside.
Perhaps you can swing by another night before Christmas Eve & say hi to Cheekers?
Maybe go about 10 mph so we stand a chance??

Thank you Santa
Merry Christmas!!!




That is funny and cute!

Noah's Mommy

Wow...wonder what fire was lit under Santas big red least cheeks got a fleck of a glimmer..of a peek....I"m sure he'll be back...he's good like that...or at least i think he is....

Lisa & Gerald

Too cute!