Sunday, January 18, 2009

Crash & Burn

See that pile up?
Someone had a bit of a pile up last night & today.
Cheeks decided to pile up some vomit on my lower back.
Ah, refreshing.

I still think he feels blah.
He's upstairs for a nap.
He slept til 10am & went back down for a nap at 2.
They say sleep is the best thing, right?
Poor kid.

I know he doesn't feel good when he turns down Cheese Puffs.
Which we can all thank Pop Pop Bob for introducing those non messy snacks to my son.

Not much going on here.
What's going on in your neck of the woods?
Who are you rooting for in the games today?]
Of course, we are Steelers.
I would love to see an Eagles vs. Steelers Super Bowl.
How exciting eh?

Well I have rambled on enough.
Tell me your team today.
Woops out!


Julie@Cool Mom Guide

Eagles are getting crushed right now, and it's a nice little treat for me to see since Arizona destroyed Charlotte. If they beat us, I want them to beat everyone.

Watch out with the vomit! There's this HORRIBLE 7 day stomach virus going around. My 9 month old (the one with the hair-he actually had recently had it cut in that picture lmao) has been vomiting/pooping for 6 days. His poor little butt! Good luck!

Brenda W

I am STEELER FAN! Go Black and Gold.


I bleed green, and well, definitely bleeding tonight...another Eagles letdown...maybe next year!