Friday, January 30, 2009

Oh That's Right! He's Back!!!!

Behold....Chef Gordon Ramsey!

He's back.

Last night was the season premier of Hell's Kitchen.

Who watched?

You know my tushie was planted on the couch. Let me tell ya, the premier episode did not disappoint! Ramsey was at his finest...asking "Who cooked the diaper?" & spitting food everywhere. Love it!

Wanna know the sad part?

I fell asleep with 5 minutes to go & have no idea who went home.

Can you believe that crap!?!!!!???


I will find out who went home, if you know, leave me a comment & let me know.

On another note, keep your eyes peeled for another fantastic giveaway. I will be posting over the weekend or even maybe later today.

Hint: Rain, rain go away, groundhog wants to play.

That's all you get.

If you can guess correctly what I am going to be giving away, it will earn you one entry in the "mystery" giveaway.

Got an idea?

Let me know!

Woops out!


Noah's Mommy

I didn't even make it to see the sad....I hate getting old....


love the show, cant wait to watch


I've got it saved on my DVR, wanna come over and watch the end for yourself?

I caught the beginning, watched up until the power went out in the kitchen, got distracted by something, and then came back just in time to see who got kicked off. If you want me to tell you I will.


No cable & no reception way out here; so I can't help you there, but is it an umbrella that looks like a groundhog? ^o^

Hey, there's a giveaway on my blog too if you're interested!