Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Mid Week Rambles & a Kick A** Recipe!

Is that not the best photo?
Can you believe one is a size 14 wide & the other one is bringing his tootsie's in at an 8.5?
I live with the Flintstones!
I wear a 10 so Cheeks is definitely going to have to big feet.
you know what the say about big feet...................
Big Feet, Big Boots.
Get your mind out of the gutter people!

Speaking of Cheeks, it seems he has added some key phrases to his vocabulary.
Now keep in mind, we do not have pristene mouths in my family.
I know, can you stand it???!!!
Anyway, he learned the following phrases from me, the Grandpop & Bobster.
In that order.
His 1st phrase of choice:
Holy Sh*t
This was learned when he had diarrhea about 2 weeks ago & I went to change his diaper.
For the love of God it was bad & that phrase just flew out of my mouth.
He instantly repeated it.

His 2nd phrase:
Kick Ass
The Grandpop said in front of him "Well thankfully he doesn't know how to say Kick Ass"
He does now.
Came flying right out of his mouth.

And finally, while watching the Eagles game last Sunday, a call was made that Bobster didn't like.
Well being a man, he jumped up & yelled:

Immediately, Cheeks pointed at the tv & yelled:

Ah, makes a mother proud to hear her child's vocab growing by leaps & bounds.
Good times!

Now he also likes to yell "Hello!' when he hears a bell.
Like the other day.
In the deli line at the food store.
They were ringing the bell & yelling for #62.
Well I guess #62 wasn't coming fast enough for Cheeks so he yelled
"Hello!!!!!, Hello!!!!!!"
I was mortified.

So now you see how my son picks up verbage.
I am so proud.

Now onto a simple, quick, fantabulous recipe.
It's done in like 10 mins.

Pork Chops w/ Kick
You will need:
Boneless pork chops (4)
BBQ Sauce
Chili Powder (2 tbs)
Garlic Salt

Turn on the broiler.
Line a cookie sheet w/ foil, spray w/ Pam or whatever you would like to use.
Season pork chops w/ garlic salt & pepper.
Both sides.
Rub with chili powder.
Both sides.
Place on cookies sheet.
Broil each side approx 4-6 mins (til juices run clear)
Coat each side generously with BBQ sauce.
Return to broiler, 1 min. each side.
This is kick ass readers.
So yummy!
Try it tonight.

Got a quick easy recipe to share with me?
I am always on the lookout.
Leave me blog love with your recipe in it.

Woops out!



OMG! I love that! Cheeks is so cute!

Your recipe sounds a lot like my crockpot BBQ pork. I'm sure I've given it to you already...

Pork (or chicken or beef or whatever)
BBQ sauce (bottle of your fave)

Pop it all in the crock pot and let it cook forever.

Of course yours sounds almost like it would get that caramelized cooked-on-the-grill kinda flavor! YUM!

Lissa (aka The Untamed Scrapper)

OMGosh Meghan we went through something similar with Reaves' language. (At the time, my favorite word was "s". He learned to say it and use it quite correctly I'm afraid... Got it nipped in the bud, but now, as an adult, he's on to more flavorful language... You can imagine.

Ah the surprises of our children. And we wonder how we're getting all that grey hair! LOL


OMG! I am sorry but I could not stop laughing the whole time I was reading that. I love the part when cheeks was saying hello! Like my gosh people come get your stuff!

I went through the colorful language with Boomer. He still does slip. But he does not say it like when he was little bitty kid. (He informs me all the time that HE is a big Kid) rofl