Thursday, January 08, 2009


In short:

I tried to take Cheeks out of the dining room chair last night to put him in the corner (Don't ask).
I was pulling him up.
Almost had him out when....
His feet caught on the dining room chair & knocked it over.
On my left foot's big toe.

I calmly stood him up.
Bent over.
Yelled a bad word that I am sure will make it into his vocab.

He said "You ok Mommy?"
I told him "NO"
He said "I kiss it"
So I let him kiss my toe.

It throbbed all night
became blue instantly.
It's like aqua blue.
Lovely shade.
Down by the nail bed.

On top of that I had nightmares all night.
Bobster thought it was Cheeks that was yelling for me
When it was me yelling "Mommy" in my sleep.
He came upstairs to find out who it was.
I admited it was me.
He got me some advil for the throbbing toe
Comforted me.

Now I am off to work w/ a throbbing, bruised to infinity toe, no sleep & a hive on the corner of my left eye.

Good times!
Woops out.