Thursday, January 22, 2009

It's a Freebie! It's a Freebie!

Have you signed up for this one yet?

I signed up & I have already received my sample (YUMMY!) & a bunch of coupons.
Easy Peasy.

Sign Up!
What are ya waiting for??!!!

Woops out!


Noah's Mommy

oh..that looks inviting...and oh so bad for my diet...but I must.....resist....okay I'm going....


Awww...drat. I already get the newsletter. No freebie for me...


Oh yummmmm I gotta try this! Have you tried the cereal bars? I LOVE the turtle ones...OMG! And only 140 calories if I remember right!
Hope Cheeks is feeling better! Love the HS pic of you and your friend...and would you LOOK at that! What is that I see in your hand?? A scrapbook!!!!!!!!

Karen Sprinsky

HI Meghan!!! It's Karen!
Most of my mindless muttering is me talking to my self because typing too much makes the carpal tunnel flare up. DO I sound 80 yet?
Miss you!!!

Noah's Mommy

wow...I can't believe I won....okay my email addy is so much