Saturday, January 03, 2009

It's the 1st Giveaway of 2009!!!!!

What could it be???
What could it be???

How about your very own box of My Fruit Roll Ups.
You can personalize them!
How much fun is that!!!!!?????!!!!!

So here is what to do to get entries:
1. Leave me mad blog love.
2. Follow me
3. Twitter about it.

Easy Peasy, Cottage Cheesy.

I will keep this contest open until Tuesday, Jan 6, at 8pm.

If you twitter about it, DM on twitter so I know.

I will pick the winner, only one winner, by the random number generator.

Ok, whose gonna be 1st to enter????

Woops out!


My boys would LOVE this! Enter me pleasy pleasy lemon squeazy!


I love all 20 of my kindergarten students. I want to make Valentines for my class.




Tweeted :

What does DM mean? Twitter newbie :)


I would love these!


1. Leave me mad blog love.

You will have your mad blog love tomorrow after 6 am, purely coincidental too.
2. Follow me

I am like glue Meghan! Stalking you like a true psycho. Now gimme the fruit rollups! Pretty Pleasey Squeezy Cheesey

3. Twitter about it.

Okie dokie, but I'm with MJ what's DM?


OOOOOXXXXX-- some mad blog love for ya!


Please enter me :)


I follow you.


I twittered the giveaway
I don't know your name on twitter though and couldn't find it here to add you.


If I win do I have to share them with Eric???

Miss Mommy

My son would love you if I won these!! LOL LOL

Thanks for the chance!!


Boomer would love these!

I follow your blog. See over <------- lol!

I don't twitter or even now that is. lol

Renee G

My boys and I will send a lot of crazy blog love your way if we win.



I LOVE your BLOG. (Does that count as blog love?)


following you

Kendra Field-Bennett

These are so fun! :) Great blog, I truly enjoy reading it.

Kendra Field-Bennett

I'm a subscriber


i would absolutely love these thanks for the contest minsthins(at)optonline(dot)net


My son would flip if I won!


I follow you.


Please enter me, this would be a fantastic valentine for my daughters class!


Thanks so much for the chance to win!



Meghan you are awesome. So much fun!


i want them. you never let me win anything. i won the lottery once. i got a free ticket and THAT lost. i dont even like fruit roll ups and they cant be good for you. they're gelantanous (did i spell that right) muck. like oysters. no one really likes them they just eat them. let me win please please. then i'll sell them on wait i'll let ethan eat them all. ok girls i'm a shoe in so you can all stop leaving meghan mad blog love.... she hits me you know when i write things on here... the nana


I just twittered about it. I can't send you a DM because you're not following me, but I am following you : :) sending your blog lots of love!