Thursday, January 01, 2009

It's a New Years Day Par-Tay!

Have you heard of the Roost?
Well if you haven't, click on her name & go check her out.
Fabu blog!
Anywho she's having a Mr. Linky New Years Party.
So I thought, what a fun topic to do & decided to join in.
It's to post your 10 fav photos of 2008.
Well I have a ton so I sort of did it by my fav events.
Still counts tho, right? There's photos, so I think it does. Teehee.
Join me in my walk thru 2008.

Feb 2008
Cheeks first haircut.
The Nana gave it to him at her salon.

This is my Grandparent's house.
For the Love of God, I have no idea why the new owners think these outdoor decorations, monstrosities, which ever you prefer, are nice. I don't get it, I doubt my Grandparents would. Sigh. Anyway my sister discovered this & took a pic & I thought why not share.

This pic, well really, words can not describe why it's my favorite.
Looks like he should be committed, doesn't it?

Over Memorial Day, we took the Nana & PopPop Bob to the Carranza Memorial (I don't feel like linking so just google it please). I just thought this was a sweet moment.

Our & mine first time camping for the weekend. Thank God for an air conditioned trailor, cause Mommy doesn't do tents!
Cheeks turned one in August.

Cheeks helping bake his big brother's birthday cake!

And TimBob turned 15. The new accessory for 15 yr old boys...binkies!

And Chris became double digits baby! 10!!!!!
I just adore this pic because not only can you see the massive dustballs under my table, the 3 empty Pepsi can's & the lovely fan on the floor, I think I captured the love between the big brother & the little brother!!!
So those are my top 10.
What are yours?
Leave me mad comment love with your top 10 & don't forget to participate in the par-tay!
Happy 2009!
Woops out!


Jules from "The Roost"

Love your pictures! Thanks for joining in on the fun! Have a great first day in 2009!!!

Capri K

Loved them!
Happy New Year!

Kathy Carr

Great photos! Happy New Years!


Love all the pictures.


Looks like you had a great 2008! Hope 2009 is even better!!! Happy New Year!

Life with Kaishon

Your pictures are delightful! I can't see a single dust bunny : ). Hope your new year is filled with wonder. Your kidgets are TOO cute!

Dana and Daisy

I'm guessing your husband and kids never see your blog! lol! What great pics you captured!


Those are great! I especially love that last one of the brothers!

The family

Awesome pics. THANKS for sharing.

Lola Goetz

Ridemakerz! I recognize that box. Went to their store over the holiday - so cool!