Saturday, January 10, 2009

Little of this, Little of that

Good Saturday Morning, Citizens.

Have you made any new resolutions?
I made a few (like say getting someone to break his binky-crack habit & learn to use the big boy potty).

I also decided to live more green.
I have been getting this newsletter for about a year now & wanted to share it with you.

I signed up for it & it comes in my email.
That's it.
Nothing else.
It always has tips & great links that you can look at or just hit the delete button & call it a day.
Go sign up for it.
It will at least give you something to read, say, when you are at work & are supposed to be "busy" so you are reading your personal email.
Yea, that's it!

On another note, someone is refusing to use the potty.
I have talked to Bobster about it, over & over, but he just refuses to go.
Imagine changing those diapers.
Seriously, Cheeks just goes "No potty" & does his biz on the floor.
I have taken to bribing him. I tell him the reward, pause, let him realize how cool the reward would be, then I tell him he has to go on the big boy potty.
He then shakes his head & says:
"No Potty"
He loves to flush the potty
only when he wants to, like right before brushing his teeth when the toilet doesn't need to be flushed.
He's only 2 & 4 months, so is it too early?

He does have his own potty.
It's called the Royal Flush.
It plays royal music if you pee/poop in it.
That's a no go as well.
He will sit on it & read or use it as a stand still
to use it as it is intended is a no go.

He knows when he has to go potty b/c he will usually go off by himself & then came back smellin oh so pretty.
So he knows.
But he's happy as Bobster says "Having a trail of flies following him"
I am ready for him to move onto big boy pants.
Being in diapers is the last trace of having my "baby" (well he still has the binky, but we are really working on that)
I am willing to abandon Pampers & Huggies & move onto Spiderman & Blues Clues undies.

One day right?
So readers, if you have had a boy how old where they when you potty trained them?
How did you do it?
Let me know.

Woops out!



I feel your pain! TOF refuses to use the potty. He will be 3 in February. I feel like a potty training failure :( His uncle (my son) was 3 years and 2 months before he potty trained completely, but it was over in ONE day, I kid you not. When they're ready they'll let you know. As far as Bobster, that may be the exceptiion LOL

Come visit me, I said SPAVE again. I love that word!

Have a great Saturday!

Lissa (aka The Untamed Scrapper)

Well, having three boys, I feel like a bit of a "pro" at this but there is really no secret.

With my oldest his motivation was moving up into the "3 year old room" where you had to be potty trained to do their special things (fieldtrips).

With Taylor it was M&M's. Every time he with #1 he got two regular M&M's. When he did his #2's he got two Peanut M&M's.

With Dalton it was the same. But we had to add the weekly trips to Wally World to show him the big boy pants and tell him when he learned how to go potty, he could come and pick out any kind of big boy underpants he wanted. The Spiderman and Blue's Clue really had his attention and that seemed to do the trick.

Above all, they have to want to do it. No matter their motivation, if they don't want it, the more you force it the more resistance you'll get.

Let him explore sitting on it etc. Let him go potty with you, have the Bobster take him into potty with him - even the boys if they will. He's only two after all and doesn't care what bigger "parts" look like. He needs exposure to what they're doing in there.

Eventually he'll want to do what the big boys (even daddy) are doing. Even if he just goes in there and sits when they do it's a start.

He'll get it! Most boys are harder to train and don't until around 3. Reaves was right at 3 years and 2 weeks. Taylor was 2 and 10 months and Dalton was a little earlier than that.

Don't worry mom - those diaper bills will go away soon enough! (But expect some accidents and please try not to admonish him for them - they're natural. Then again, it's a natural reaction to have a cow when they are going poop in those nice big boy underwear and they know darn well they're doing it...)

Best of Luck Meghan!!

Miss Mommy


My Little Man was potty trained by 2 1/2. I think it helped that he was around a few potty trained kids each he became very interetsed in using the potty like his little friends!!

I also never used a Pull-up. I know, I know, some people swear by them...but personally I think they just prolong the whole potty training process.

We took him to the store and let him pick out some cool new underwear....(Yes, they are a bit pricey for the character lol) But, hey if he is willing to use the potty...I would pay any amount for "Cool Underwear"" if you know what I mean. I also purchased a few pair of the plastic trining pants to put over the cotton unders...they are not totally leak-proof...but they help a little. You could also try the training pants...they are a bit thicker than underwear.

He had a few accidents here and there.....but I made sure to give him a bath after each and every one....yes, a bit of a hassle...but this way it interuppted his play and encouraged him to use the potty like a big boy! We also had a sticker chart for a little while too. After so many stickers (One for each potty use)he would get to pick out a new Hot Wheels Car at the store that week. It worked for us!!

We are now getting ready to start Little Miss on the potty....we'll see if #2 will be as easy as #1...LOL LOL

Best of Luck!!


Hi meghan, My son was the same exact way i tried all the cool tricks, candt rewards, and bribes. He understood the concept,and knew what the potty was for.
Then one day bam he said no more pull ups for me and we never looked back. He never even went through a bed wetting phase. So maybe cheekers just doesn't wanna let that part of being a baby go.


i keep telling you i wouldnt worry about the binky. no man has ever walked down wall street or down the aisle with a binky in his mouth. now the potty thing is a different matter. bobster really needs to change his OWN diaper.

Miss Janice

No potty issues! Please stop by my blog if you have a moment. I have a dear friend who needs our prayer!


Nicholas did it for a few weeks then stopped. We figured he'd do it in his own sweet time. We were worried cuz he couldn't move with his class to the next room unless he was potty-trained. Well, just a couple months before the change over, he decided he'd do it. All was well. He was a late bloomer (3.5, I think??) so I wouldn't worry too much. Emily