Wednesday, March 04, 2009

America's Next Top Model...

Season 12 premiered.
Did you watch?
Have you picked out a fav yet?

I have picked out one that should have gone home already...Sandra.
What a stuck on herself bimbo.
Can't stand her.
Not very good at the whole modeling thing either.
What was with the stop on the runaway...Hello?!

I tend to like Alison.
The chicky with the Campbell Soup Kid eyes.

There is the other girl....of course, now her name escapes me, wait, I think Katelyn....her ex boyfriend is Dale Earnhardt Jr. Not too shabby.
I like her.
Not built like a typical model.
Boobs, hips & if I am not mistaken, a bit of a tummy.
She has spunk!
And she's really cute.

Of course, Paulina is back as a judge.
What a colossal Biatch.
I can not stand her.
Talk about stuck on herself.
She makes Janice Dickinson look like a cake walk.
Of course, I am a fan of Twiggy.
Bring back Twiggy.

Thankfully Miss J is there for comic relief
The ultimate in delicious...Nigel Barker.
Great eye candy!

So tell me, did you watch, have any favs yet?

Woops out!



Oh gee thanks Meghan! Now you have me watching it to see about these girls *L* I have never watched this show in my life! I have now seen about 5 minutes of it and Sandra is a snot!!

Noah's Mommy

I missed it....I was watching idol...sigh...


OMG why oh why is Sandra still there???? I couldn't stand her as soon as she first spoke. But every season, there's a girl like her, thinking she's the greatest and then starting crap with everyone else. Can't wait till she's gone... then maybe I won't yell at the TV so much, lol.

Oh and Alison.... NOOOOOO not the eyes! OMG they scare me.

Granola Mom

I swore off this show this cycle. I just can't take Tyra anymore! Idol is my last "reality" type show. I refuse to give that one up!