Friday, March 20, 2009

And we have a winner........

Of the Fat Tie T-Shirt
Per the winner is:

And who, pretell, is that.
None other than #21:
@sweetbabboo said...
Oh, I'd love to win. My son is just moving into the toddler sizes and he'd look adorable in that.You are so right about the lack of cute boy clothes. It is so frustrating. The favorite clothing item I ever purchased for Linus was a long sleeve red t-shirt with a black skinny tie screened on. He rocked it. My current fave is a pair of Converse OneStars in red that I picked up at Target for less than $20. I love them and they look so hip.So, pick me please otherwise I'll spend WAY too much at Fat Tie although I probably will anyway.-Abby

So Congrats Abby.
You should have an email from me.

Woops out!

**I do not know why the widget is allowing you to generate numbers, I did it & it came up 21**



Yay! Yay! Yay! I saw the retweet of this from tinyprints on Twitter and came over to enter. Not only did I win but I found a new blog to follow. Thanks so much!