Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Just how messy is your house!

And does it have a potty sitting in the middle of floor for a child who just likes to stare at it?

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Woops out!


Maria@Conversations with Moms

Your house looks a lot neater than mine.

Kitty | CouponDivas

That's exactly where ours used to sit when we potty trained our third child. How does that happen? Your house is not messy by the way - I won't even take a picture of mine - LOL!


Ha ha your house is soooo clean! LOL I run a home daycare during the day so I am sure you can imagine how my house looks lol

Miss Mommy

The potty just adds so much character to your dining room...I love it!! Not many people can say they have a potty in their dining room, can they?? lol lol