Monday, March 02, 2009

Top 10

Do you have one?
You know your Top 10 List of People that your significant other can't get mad at you if this person happens to knock on your day & want to whisk you away for days of hot monkey love???
I have a Top 10 list.
Bobster just informed he has a Top 10,000 list, after I told him his list was obviously on an Etch a Sketch b/c it constantly changed.
Altho. Lucky Liu is a constant figure on his list.

I thought I would introduce you to my Top 2, the Kings of my list.
They are really tied but for the sake of this post we will say they are #1 & #2 respectively.
First up: Chad Kroger from

Damn! He is so sexy!!!! He has the build that I like, the wide shoulders, the bigger nose, the eyes & the goatee. Yummy!!!!!!!! So if he ever knocks on my door........I will be absent from blogging for a few days. :>)

Next up. The one, the only, oh that's right, Kid Rock!!!!
Cowboy Baby!!!!
Gosh, he is SeXy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Look at those eyes, so blue & that mouth!!! Whew, is it hot in here????

Obviously he would be so into me. I mean come on why have Pam Anderson when you can have a fluffy, need a touch up, stresed out mommy blogger.

There is no comparision really.

So, um, Kid, gimme a ringy dingy, ANYTIME! I am here for you!

Now, tell me, who is on your Top 10 list?

Woops out!



Don't think I have a top 10, but I'm sure I could come up with 10 in a pinch.

Top is, of course, George Clooney. Johnny Depp might be in there somewhere. Antonio Banderas, Chris Daughtry ... hmmm, might have to think about the rest.

Cindy Fey

Top Ten? I've got only one on my list. The Friends only had five. My husband is allowed Jennifer Connoly. I feel all funny about Dave Grohl - I think it's overbite. But this is not about hot monkey whatever. Purely a crush.


Ew Meggy. Really? Mine's George Clooney. Pierce Brosnan. Dylan McDermott. I guess I go for dark haired clean cut guys? Better go wipe that smile off my face before someone notices.