Sunday, March 08, 2009

Sometimes I get bored

& isn't having kids for your personal entertainment?

Think we should name him Ethanina?

Woops out!


Amy Shrader Williams

Hi Meghan! This is the first time I have posted that your son up there? He's ADORABLE! My son is going to be 13 in a month and I sooooo miss that "baby" stage. Just the other day he wasn't feeling so good and he wanted a hug from me. I was sitting down in the recliner and he laid in my lap and almost took the breath out of me! He's getting so big but he said the cutest thing - "Mom, no matter how big I get I'll always be your baby, right?" I sat there after he got up and nearly cried. I can't have kids anymore (had to have my ovaries removed due to the fact that I'm brca 1 positive - breast cancer gene) and I never felt so strongly that I wanted another one just to have that "baby feel" in my arms again. You are so lucky and blessed - enjoy each day with your little ones as I do with my big ones (I also have a daughter who is a freshman in HS).


Not to worry, a few years in therapy and he'll be fine LOL

Tara O'Rourke

Tee hee...I've done this with my boys too. LOLOLOL

Miss Mommy

lol lol I am sure he will get you back for this lol


i cant believe you did the same thing with your sister erin back in the 80's... he looks just like


Too funny and cute!